Our philosophy : to build houses of character in the South of France.

The real estate programs we develop are integrated with harmony into carefully chosen sites of exception. Our expertise in the use of precious building materials such as wood, stone, tiles, lime coating, ironworks... allows us to respect the architecture of protected villages of the inland Languedoc area.

With our architect and interior decorator, we study all the details of our realization allying well-being, quality and long term development with our passion for the Languedoc. Our programs are recognized by a wide public of professionals and also appreciated by customers. Thanks to our status of traditional promoter-builder we can assured our name to provide you high quality services.

CAP & CO - Résidence "Le Moulin" - 34210 Olonzac - Tél : 04 68 49 49 56 - infos@capandco.fr - CONTACT US